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Ayurvedic Facial Energy Balance

Ayurvedic Facial Energy Balance Ayurvedic Facial Energy Balance You too can discover the amazing effect of an Ayurvedic Facial Energy Balance - a facial like none other you will ever receive.

Not only does the face show our emotions it reflects all other parts of the body, so working on the face in this way has an impact on your whole system.

This beautiful treatment makes you feel really well cared for and very special. This is YOUR time - so important that you have those moments when you put yourself first. You leave looking utterly radiant and shining, The years just fall way and you not only feel younger you look it too.

Starting with a general energy balance of your head and feet, which sends you into a deep state of relaxation, your face is anointed and gently massaged with beautifully scented oil.

Then with a feather light touch, the Marma points on your face and head are gently touched. These points are the points from which acupuncture points developed as Ayurveda travelled to the East with Buddhism so this is the origin of all those therapies.

Although the points touched are on the face, there are corresponding effects in other parts of the body and also at the psychological/emotional level...

... so if you are stressed, in pain, want to be pampered, or want your inner radiance to shine for a special day, such as your wedding day, then this really is for you...

"Sue made me feel very comfortable right from the start and the whole treatment was incredibly relaxing. My skin felt amazing immediately afterwards and the following day I felt like a million dollars, fully revitalised and refreshed. I would highly recommend this facial especially if you need some quality 'me time' "

Emma Weatherstone, Westbourne

Emma went to a photo shoot the day after her treatment and posted one of the pictures on Facebook and you can see just a few of the responses...

The photos were taken to put on her     web site

"Total thanks and appreciation for the facial yesterday- it couldn't have been more timely and it was so deeply relaxing. It's so much more than a facial- those marma points work on the rest of the body too- I felt my whole being 'land' back in my body after being knocked out by stress and grief. And what's more, everyone last night commented on how I was 'glowing'- from the inside out. Even better, it's still 'holding' today- i am relaxed and centred, at ease within myself and just so grateful for the gift of your healing hands. Thinking of sending my mum along- every woman should experience this.."

Rachel Castagne, West Sussex

before after These are the pictures of Rachel when she arrived (left) and just before leaving after her treatment (right).

What Happens

Once I have made you comfortable lying on the couch (fully clothed but it would help if I could reach the base of your neck where it joins your shoulders) I will carry out a head and foot energy balance. After working on your feet I wash my hands and then anoint your face with scented oil. A brief massage is followed by the Marma point work which takes place on your face and head.

Please wear you hair loose and be assured that I do my best to ensure that no oil gets into you hair but if you want to bring a hair band to sweep you hair off your forehead then please do.

Please ensure that you are not wearing any make up

All sessions £40.

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Please note that I am not a medical doctor. I do not diagnose or prescribe and I cannot advise on medication that is prescribed by your GP or the hospital.