A Healing Space

What my clients have to say....

Bowen Technique
" I have found Bowen to be very helpful and Sue to be a consummate professional with a heartfelt compassionate and caring approach to her clients. After various riding accidents over the years my body has responded with aches and pains in protest. Since my Bowen treatments I have been able to move with greater ease and flexibility. I thoroughly recommend Sue as practitioner."

Georgina - Hampshire

EFT-Matrix Reimprinting
"Sue has really helped me with some deep-seated family issues using EFT and Matrix work, both in person and through Skype sessions. Since starting this work I have been able to start properly talking to the people concerned. She is highly non judgemental and has always made me feel protected throughout. I would highly recommend her for any sort of emotional or personal problems."

A Clifton - London

EFT-Matrix Reimprinting
"I had many sessions with Sue whilst going through breast cancer and she was friendly, unshockable, intuitive and skilled - all very important attributes when you are going through something so harsh. Sue was invaluable in helping me cope with all the stages that I went through; the diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and beyond. I am very grateful and I couldn't recommend her highly enough.."

Shirley - Brighton

Bowen Technique
" Sue treated my arm with Bowen therapy. I've had problems with my arm for ages now, following a break when I was young. I used to have a lot of problems when writing. I would get stiffness and pain. After just one session with Sue, everything felt better. My arm felt lighter and I didn't experience the pain or stiffness. I'm certainly a new convert to Bowen and would highly recommend Sue to anyone."

S Flynn - Surrey

EFT-Matrix Reimprinting
"I will always be grateful that I was advised to go to Sue, even though I thought I only had one issue to deal with. I knew a bit about EFT and Matrix and didn't think they could work over Skype - but, believe me, they can. In her calm, non-judgemental way Sue delved into what I thought were small or silly childhood issues that I had never really talked about or even realised were a problem. She helped that small person to understand that she was safe. Many of my issues were over travel and leaving my home. I am so delighted to say that since our sessions I not only went away four times in a short period, but that I looked forward to going; found it easy to leave the house without that 'dread in the pit of my stomach' feeling; and calmly boarded an aeroplane on several occasions. There has been a positive knock-on effect of feeling generally much more confident too. I looked forward to our sessions and discovering more about what makes me tick. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Sue to help with any issues - big or small. She has a wealth of knowledge in so many areas. Commit to sessions and see where it takes you. You may be surprised at the change Sue can make to your whole life."


Ayurvedic Facial Energy Balance
"Thanks again for yesterday's treatment, and what a treat it was! I truly did not expect such a powerful journey and to emerge looking wonderful...!! Still today my face looks good - and how often does a woman say that about herself? The rest of the results have yet to unfold but I know they're in there. I am definitely looking forward to the next session. Sue you are one of the most integrous healers I've had the pleasure to work with. Thank you."

Dawn Rising, Chichester

EFT-Matrix Reimprinting
"I contacted Sue because I needed to work through something that had been troubling me for a long time and I had not been ready to face it. As a result, after only 5 sessions, I have seen some incredible changes in my life and feel so much freer of the issue.
She is gentle, intuitive and always creates a safe space for you. I also love her brilliant sense of humour which made me feel very comfortable in every single session. Sue is a very gifted practitioner, an incredible woman and I am very grateful to have met and worked with her. "

A Patterson - London

" I so enjoy Reiki with you - such deep relaxation it really helps my angina and as an added bonus I sleep well too, not only at the time but that night as well"

MKD, Portsmouth

EFT/Matrix Reimprinting
"Thank you for making a loving safe space and guiding my steps on my healing journey - what an excellent session"

Shree Cameron - Emsworth

EFT/Matrix Reimprinting
"When I first met Sue I had been all but bed ridden for nearly four years with chronic Lyme disease, which had seriously affected my A level grades, and progressed to the point where I was basically just existing. Through a combination of Bowen, META health and EFT work I went from having little hope of ever getting better and getting on with my life, to being able to manage my Lyme symptoms without needing antibiotics and completing my first year at university with a 2:1. Sue continued to work with and support me via Skype when I was away from home. I cannot thank this wonderful woman enough for everything she’s done for me in terms of helping me deal with my health problems and giving me the confidence to get out there and actually live my life. If you feel like everything has failed you and nothing will work, I recommend at least giving this a try; I walked into this with little expectation of success, and I’m very happy to report that in my case I was wrong."

Row, now based in Cheshire!

Metamorphic Technique
" Metamorphic with Sue always sends me into a state of deep bliss! Delicious!"

Jeanette McKenzie, West Sussex

"After a session my sun roof is always open and the sun shining. The world slows down for a while after your treatment. "

Elaine Surrey, Bedhampton

" Thank you so much Sue for my Reiki treatments. Without them I would be in so much pain and utterly crippled."

Anna, Portsmouth

" Sue is dedicated and gifted. I have received the benefits of a number of treatments from her and have been grateful for the depths of her insight and wisdom and the healing energies generated towards my well being."

Kate - Hayling Island

Ayurvedic Facial Energy Balance
" Sue gave me a lovely experience. I felt my body melt into the couch and a lot of weight leave my shoulders. Various injuries that I received while in army service felt tingly and cool. When the treatment finished my Mum said she could see the difference in my face and I did feel calm for a long time afterwards. It was healing and relaxing and I will definitely be back for more!"

Louis Miles, Chichester.
Louis is a 26 year old army veteran. He has served 2 tours in Iraq and is suffering from Combat Stress.

Bowen Technique
"Sue Woodriffe has the lightest, kindest touch in her hands and an intuitive measure with which she performs Bowen. As I write this, I can hardly believe that there was a time when I shuffled through her doors, hardly able to move with back pain, as her treatment of me has now given me such freedom in movement and put me back in the flow. What a gift she has. Thank you Sue"

Theresa Clemo, Locks Heath

Metamorphic Technique
"Sue made me feel completely relaxed to the point of falling asleep when she did the metamorphic technique on me. I had only recently allowed people to touch my feet for treatments and I would definitely recommend Sue and the Metamorphic Technique"

Laura C, Lee on Solent

" Bloody good Reiki. Awesome!"

Helen, Troon

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